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Profit Through Change Ltd was established in September 2004 to offer a manageable solution to the issues and problems associated with outsourcing.

Paul Jackson (Co-founder of the company) recognised that many companies are willing to embrace the concept of outsourcing elements of their business, but rarely adapt their organisational structure to reflect this strategic shift.

Invariably, responsibility for the outsourcing relationship will get delegated to another function within the organisation - typically the service, technical, administration or procurement departments - usually without any additional resource being allocated. This often results in an outsource relationship failing to hit its performance or financial objectives, and being deemed to have failed. Profit Through Change is here to make it work, and deliver the fundamental aspirations on which the whole concept of outsourcing is founded.

Our Vision is:

Profitable Outsourcing
Professional Procurement
Effective Implementation


Environmental Policy

Profit Through Change recognises its responsibility to the environment. Our Environmental Policy reflects this commitment.

Outsourcing Services

The decision to outsource is a complicated balance between retaining control of a function and introducing expertise into a non-core activity and thus enabling the organisation's time and resources to be spent focusing on its core objectives.

Whilst the usual justifications for outsourcing are financial benefits and cost savings, very often enhanced customer service or improvements in operating margins can also be obtained. However, in order to derive the optimum returns from an outsourcing arrangement, it is critical for three elements to be properly addressed:

  1. Selection - The outsource provider must be carefully tendered and selected, and appropriate due-diligence undertaken;
  2. Implementation - The internal structure of the organisation needs to change to reflect the move to an outsourced solution;
  3. Monitoring - It is essential that there is a mechanism in place for monitoring and controlling the outsource provider;

Herein lies the basis of the three divisions of Profit Through Change Ltd - Procurement & Tendering Services, Outsourcing Management, and Change Implementation.

Furthermore, once a company has chosen to outsource a function, it is often difficult to change supplier or revert to an in-house solution, but sometimes this needs to occur. Profit Through Change specialises in managing this process: it can prepare and implement an exit strategy, and if necessary tender and select an alternative supplier or re-establish an in-house solution.


Commercial Services

In addition to its outsourcing services, Profit Through Change can also provide the following:

  1. Offer general procurement consultancy and guidance
  2. Identify cost savings by quote, project or business segment
  3. Provide an outsourced purchasing function on a day-to-day basis
  4. Manage and run tenders, including supplier investigations, site visit, reference uptake, implementation, and ongoing monitoring
  5. Undertake a review of an organisation's commercial terms and operating practices
  6. Review bespoke quote or project pricing

Change Services

Finally, Profit Through Change also offers a stand-alone change management service allowing you to implement ad hoc changes to your organisation. The three primary areas of expertise being:

  1. Business changes
  2. Property and office changes
  3. Datacentre, IT and telecom changes

We welcome your interest in our company, and we look forward to your call.

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