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Consolidation of Supply

During 2003, a review of logistics and courier activities across a major European telecommunications supplier exceeded €2m, and involved over thirty local, regional and global distribution companies. In addition, it could be seen that the mismanaged approach to logistic solutions had consequential costs way is excess of this figure.

A decision was taken to reduce the number of companies used, and a tender was circulated amongst the incumbent suppliers.

After analysing the data, and the facilities offered by the various incumbent parties, two companies (one for small parcels, and one for heavy loads) were selected to continue, all other accounts thereafter being ceased. As a reward for the significant increase in volumes seen by the two remaining parties, total costs across the group fell by over 28%, and further savings were experienced through reduced administration and support.

Furthermore, this enabled more accurate traceability, and better control and utilisation of stock and equipment, thereby reducing losses and the value of the inventory.

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