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General Business Re-engineering / Change Management

From 1996 until 1999, a project was undertaken to transform an outlet of a leading electrical wholesaler. The outlet turned over in excess of 4m per annum, had an established but stale work-force, a static market share, a deteriorating operating margin, and an impending change of computer system.

Within the four year project scope the following was achieved:

  • A complete overhaul of staff was undertaken with over 300 years of service shed.
  • Dynamic and strategic employment of new and fresh front end staff.
  • Complete overhaul of operating procedures and systems.
  • Total refurbishment of all office space.
  • Introduction of a new, fully integrated computer system.
  • Takeover of a neighbouring business.
  • Sales were rationalised, and focus paid to higher margin business.
  • Sales force were refocused on strategic and development accounts.
  • Turnover increased by in excess of 68%, profit increased by in excess of 157%.
  • Near total eradication of bad debts and commercial queries.
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