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Rent Review and Service Charge Negotiations

As is common in many commercial property leases, rent review clauses exist at timed intervals in the lease duration.

Over a four year period, a large number of rent review negotiations have been handled, incorporating where necessary third-party advisors, and market assessments to establish market rent levels as a benchmark for any review agreed.

Rent reviews are obviously affected by the prevailing market, and contractual clauses, however significant success has been attained in minimising increases.

In addition to rent reviews, what is often overlooked in property negotiations is the level of service charges appertaining to a leasehold arrangement.

Service charges are invariably based on costs incurred by the landlord, aggregated across the tenants in a building. In multi-tenanted properties, this can lead to an unfair imbalance being payable, a conflicting view of what is required, and an opportunity for the landlord to charge fair wear and tear to sink funds that may be in place.

Working in conjunction with a number of third parties, the service charges in a number of buildings, mainly in London, have been contested, in one instance seeing a 24% reduction in charges per annum applied as a result of the instigated review.

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