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Outsourcing Management

Most companies outsource at least some element of their operation, even if it's just the cleaning or parcel delivery. Each new outsource decision will inevitably require some sort of cost/benefit analysis, and can often result in the redeployment of staff.

What is often overlooked, however, is the implementation, feedback and review process, and the ongoing management of the arrangement - that's where Profit Through Change fits in.

Based on over ten years of experience in procurement, outsourcing and supplier management, Profit Through Change can work with you as you make the decision to outsource, through the selection process, during the implementation and for the early days of the service delivery.



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This allows your company to not only outsource the function, but also the management of the outsourcing relationship as well - this will ensure service and continuity is maintained throughout.

Co-ordination of different outsource providers is often cited as the cause of conflict and dispute and the reason for the failure of a party in fulfilling its service commitments.

Profit Through Change can act to co-ordinate outsourcing activities, consolidate the management and oversee the interaction between contractors and if necessary mediate in disputes.

Profit Through Change offers three flexible solutions that can be tailored to your company's needs:

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