Profit Through Change


Who-What-Where Analysis

As we face the daunting prospect of potentially the largest business downturn in history, never has it been more imperative to ensure financial and commercial discipline, and maintain vigilance in all areas of our business. » Read More

Outsourcing Management

Most companies outsource at least some element of their operation, even if it's just the cleaning or parcel delivery. Each new outsource decision will inevitably require some sort of cost/benefit analysis, and can often result in the redeployment of staff. » Read More

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What is Outsourcing? | What can be Outsourced? | Benefits of Outsourcing | Why Outsourcing Fails

Procurement & Tendering Services

Cost saving analysis and identification of cost savings either by quote, project or business segment. For a fixed fee obtain a report of possible areas of savings, fee only payable if the savings identified surpass the cost of the report. Analysis all undertaken after the appropriate completion of a confidentiality agreement. » Read More

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Change Implementation

Change is a word that is feared throughout the business world, and is usually thought to mean turmoil, heartache, and stress - The secret to success is effective planning. » Read More

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